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Sonoma on My Mind

June 15, 2010

One of my favorite road trips involves Hwy 121 aka Arnold Drive in Sonoma.  Sonoma is a vast territory that spans from the San Pablo Bay in the south all the way up north to Santa Rosa and in between the Mayacamas Mountains and Sonoma Mountains.

Once referred to as the Valley of the Moon by the native Miwok, Pomo and Wintun peoples, the Sonoma Valley is now a mecca for wine enthusiasts, and all people in search for some Joie de Vivre.  Whereas Napa is seen as a little more upscale and refined, Sonoma is true to its country roots.  The Sonoma lifestyle is a little more casual and free-spirited.  It’s one of my favorite local getaways as it’s a quick 45 minute drive from San Francisco once you hit the Golden Gate Bridge.  My picks reflect places that hold great memories and are almost always on my itinerary when I make my way up north.

Angelo’s Wine Deli

Angelo’s is a small and unassuming outpost along the 121 also known as Arnold Drive.  If you’re not paying attention, you may miss it as you’re gazing at the surrounding vineyards.  Look out for the brown and white Hereford statue that graces the top of the sign to signal your arrival.  Most people know Angelo’s for its famous jerky.  It’s unlike any jerky I have ever had, instead of being dehydrated to the point of leather, it’s actually very moist and hearty, and comes in many different flavors. The VIP is my favorite.  Many people who are traveling to the wine country are maybe not in a position to buy perishable meats that need to be refrigerated, but the real treasure to be had at Angelo’s is their famous sausages that are hands-down the best I have ever had.  The Louisiana hot links and the Hawaiian Portuguese sausages are delicious and when braised in beer and onions and then placed on the grill for some charring – divine. (more…)


Neighborhood Spots: South Park

February 26, 2010

Our February “City Flavor” writing contest with Trazzler and the SFCVB is nearing the end with “Neigborhood Spots” as the fourth of five themes to inspire your literary muse. Our guest micro-essayist today is Lori Lincoln, director of public relations in our home office in San Francisco.

Being fairly new to San Francisco I’m always on the lookout for new neighborhood spots.  This city is a collection of individual  neighborhoods, each with its own distinct (and often quirky) character, and many hidden gems.  One of my new favorite spots is South Park, which is tucked away in SOMA/South Beach not far from the AT&T Park stadium. It’s a mini neighborhood within a neighborhood, sort of like a doll within a Russian matryoska, and nearly invisible from the streets that border it – Brannan and Bryant and 2nd and 3rd streets.  Made up of a mix of two-story Victorians and striking modern buildings curved around a lovely oval-shaped park, South Park feels like a London square.  And, in fact, it was built in the 1800s by an English businessman to resemble one. 

Fortunately today anyone can relax in what once was the private park, enjoy lunch at one of the picnic tables, or dream up their next internet business.  South Park is dotted with cute cafes and is a creative cluster, with the offices of architects,  industrial designers, and tech businesses.  On a sunny day, South Park is a great place to relax and enjoy a green urban oasis. And who knows, you might just overhear someone brainstorming the next new big thing on the internet.

Rick n’ Roll

January 7, 2010

We love Rick Steves. What’s not to love, honestly. His way of looking at travel is about pushing your own edge and seeing the world through a curious, adventurous lens. Travel website WorldHum just published Rick’s list of travel resolutions for 2010.  In characteristic style, it presents a way of being in the world that is about so much more than taking a trip.

Top 10 Travel Blogs

November 24, 2009

Condé Nast Traveler editor Wendy Perrin’s Perrin Post  and Betsy Molloy’s  Betsy’s California Travel Blog are among the  Top 10 Travel Blogs according to Cision Navigator.  The media monitoring company ranked the travel blogs based on most unique visitors per month. 

Cision Navigator’s Top 10 Travel Blogs  
  1. Euro Cheapo
  2. Gadling
  3. Perrin Post
  4. Daily Traveler
  5. Houston Departures
  6. Susan’s Honeymoon/Romantic Travel Blog
  7. Betsy’s California Travel Blog
  8. Jaunted
  9. Gridskipper
  10. World Hum