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We’d Like to Thank…Vous!

February 2, 2010

We’re pretty excited today about being named 2009 eMarketer of the Year at last night’s Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI) Adrian Awards Gala in New York. The honors (elegantly double fisted by our own Linda Palermo) were given by TRAVELCLICK® and HSMAI in recognition of best online marketing practices for the hospitality industry. Joie de Vivre is the first company to win this prestigious award twice (first in 2006).  We hope it’s not boasting to share our very genuine excitement for this honor, particularly because it speaks to the importance we place on engaging with our guests (and would-be-guests) in ways that matter to them. From Facebook Fridays and Twitter Tuesdays offering fans great last minute hotel deals to micro-essay contests like “Five Little Words,” we’re dedicated to our mission of creating opportunities to celebrate the joy of life and grateful to everyone who’s stayed on the ride with us. To more joie in 2010!

The Whole Picture

January 21, 2010

Conde Nast Traveler recently ran a great Q&A with Whole Foods founder and CEO John Mackey. In recent years, Mackey has been a bit of a controversy magnet, but agree or disagree with his interesting stances, he always seems to speak his mind, and Whole Foods’ contribution in creating a market for healthier, more sustainable food is hard to deny.

He gives Joie de Vivre a nice shout out in the piece, along with some other travel companies we admire for their service ethic. His explanation of “conscious capitalism” and serving people’s deeper needs for fulfillment resonates with Joie de Vivre’s own mission: to create opportunities for our guests to celebrate the joy of life at our hotels, restaurants, and spas.

Celebrating the joy of life is something we actually do talk about (a lot, actually) in the course of our days at Joie de Vivre in trying to determine how to bring a little “joie” to the guest experience. Our Joie of Life campaign launched in the fall talks about the idea and gives people ways to create (and share) their own joy (it has some great hotel deals, too).

Not surprisingly, Joie de Vivre’s founder and CEO Chip Conley writes about the pursuit of joy and happiness a lot (and he’ll be speaking about them at the TED Conference next month), and posits that perhaps the elusive “happiness” rests in the intangibles: more of contentment and being grateful for what we have; less of seeking the elusive “more” from things that in the end may not actually meet our needs. Or via Chip’s “emotional equation”: 

Happiness = Wanting What You Have divided by Having What You Want

As we move into a new year, and for us here in San Francisco, the sloshy, rainy season, we’re thinking about how we can create our own joy this year, and as always how we can find new ways to share it.

Mommy’s Little Helper

October 29, 2009

McKenzie & GrantAmong the things nobody tells you before you have kids: traveling with them requires more than a little advance planning. A lot more. And not just for their comfort, mind you, but for your very sanity.

I find that having “Mommy’s Little Helper” along for the ride evens out the rough, nerve-jangling patches quite nicely. Mommy’s Little Helper is a bottle of wine, red or white – the varietal doesn’t really matter. Before embarking on a trip, I always make sure there is at least one bottle of wine tucked among the swimsuits and sippy cups. I find twist-offs work best for easy access. Please understand, I do not condone heavy drinking and parenting and I never imbibe a la “Mad Men” whilst taking to the open road, because that is dangerous. What I am saying is that when things get a little nutty, and they will when you travel with your child, it’s always comforting to know you can hand off the little one to a friend or spouse and reach for Mommy’s Little Helper. (more…)