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Tune In, Turn On, Geek Out

June 28, 2010

Check out The Citizen Hotel’s blog post all about Joie de Vivre’s new Joie Connect, a comprehensive in-room media portal powered by Mac Minis. Joie Connect enables hotel guests to leave their laptops at home, as the platform lets them browse the internet, e-mail, download music or movies from Netflix or iTunes, or catch up on Facebook and Twitter. The Citizen, located in Sacramento, is the very first of our hotels to install Joie Connect, with plans to roll out the technology at other Joie de Vivre properties. As the Citizen blog post notes, two Joie de Vivre hotels, The Citizen and Avatar Hotel (Santa Clara), were recently named to a list of 2010 “Best Geek Hotels in the World” by Hotel Chatter.  Read all the details about Joie Connect here.