An Insider Talks Outside Lands


Danielle Madeira is the vice president of marketing for Another Planet Entertainment based in Berkeley, California.  In addition to producing the Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival and the Treasure Island Music Festival, Another Planet is also the exclusive promoter for the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, the Fox Theater in Oakland, The Independent in San Francisco, and Harvey’s Outdoor Amphitheatre in Lake Tahoe.

What artist(s)/performers are you most excited for at Outside Lands this year?

This year is going to be tough since there are so many great live acts on the Outside Lands line-up.  I am really excited to see Phoenix. I saw them at the Fillmore a few months back and the show blew me away. I have been a fan of My Morning Jacket for a long time and their live shows never disappoint.  To have Golden Gate Park as their backdrop will be a perfect way to experience this band live. I think Al Green is another one not to miss. He is still an amazing performer and always brings out roses to the ladies in the audience – such a class act. Janelle Monάe is a new artist who has such style and energy – she’s one I’d recommend. She opened up for Erykah Badu at the Paramount and received a lot of buzz.

What can someone who’s never been to the Outside Lands Music Festival expect and be prepared for?

Outside Lands is so much more than music. We have created a food, wine and music festival with this two-day event. Definitely come hungry. We handpick local restaurants that are known for specialty food items that people love. It is definitely getting the best of the Bay in one place. This year we have Namu serving their Korean tacos; Farmer Brown’s Little Skillet serving their fried chicken and mac ‘n cheese; Anchor & Hope serving bbq and raw oysters; and so much more. The food is not your typical festival fare. In addition to the excellent culinary offerings, we can’t forget the wine. There will be more than 25 local vintners pouring wine in our Wine Lands area. The last thing to remember is bring your jacket. Summer in San Francisco can be foggy and cool, especially in the evenings.

Why did Another Planet choose Golden Gate Park as the host site for this epic music festival?

Golden Gate Park is one of the most, if not the most, beautiful urban park in the country. You can completely get lost within the grounds and forget you are actually in a city. It is a spectacular backdrop for this unique event. I can recall one of my favorite Outside Lands moments a couple of years ago when Radiohead was performing and it was getting dark. The trees surrounding the stage were beautifully lit and the fog was slowly rolling in. It was a true San Francisco moment, and probably one of my favorite live music memories.

Do you have any one memorable experience or artist you met at Outside Lands?

Drinking wine with Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, while watching Dave Matthews Band. We were on the side stage, and I think the wine was the liquid courage she needed for her and Apple to rush the stage and assist Dave Matthews in performing one of their songs. I love the spontaneity and surprise that comes with festivals; you just never know what will happen when you bring so many performers together in one space.

Lastly, any new and emerging artists that Another Planet has their eye on that we should pay attention to?

Any performer that plays at our club, The Independent in San Francisco, is definitely someone to watch. Our bookers at Another Planet have a great ear and if you track their history, they always seem to know who the “next big name” is.


10 Responses to “An Insider Talks Outside Lands”

  1. Stacy A Says:

    One of my most memorable moments was taking my daughter to her first concert ever: “No Doubt” at Mountain View. She’s been hooked ever since!

  2. Rachel D Says:

    Most memorable music moment ever? Easy- Alicia Keys at the Oracle Arena in Oakland with my four best friends. Two straight hours of amazingly delicious and soulfull musique by our favorite girl-power artist. We all danced and sang to each while Alicia’s beats pumped through us. Funnest concert with the girls ever.
    Have a great summer JDV.

    ❤ Rd

  3. Dan Says:

    Looking forward to Outside Lands Festival. Not only because of the great lineup but as said above the setting sounds fantastic and beautiful. Will be tons of fun!

  4. Karrie Hefner Says:

    Can’t wait to check out this festival.,. sounds absolutely..MAGICAL…

  5. Jenny gregory Says:

    New to Bay Area and this festival sounds amazing. Hoping to go. Especially as love David Gray. He is incredible artist.

  6. Sean Blay Says:

    Amazing lineup, very excited!!


    Golden Gate Park…Perfect Choice 🙂

  8. Chad Jamian Says:

    There’s definitely a lot more than music. It’s my woodstock 🙂

  9. Andrew C. Says:

    Great idea to combine great food with great music. Farmer Brown’s Little Skillet makes amazing fried chicken.

  10. Brendan Bergen Says:

    Amazing combination!!!

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