Wild, Cool and Swanky


Swank, our hip lounge was just featured in an article stating that it was one of the best “Mad Men” style bars in the United States.  With its cool and understated feel along with a bartender that can quote Sinatra and Billie Holiday; it really is a perfect place to go back in time. Swank is nestled in the Laurel Heights district of San Francisco, far away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown scene.  It’s also one of the few bars in San Francisco with a fireplace!

Swank always has something going on from their regular drink specials (all under $6.00) to their weekly DJ sessions every Saturday night. Denise Fraga, a local jazz soloist is performing tonight. Her sultry, smooth voice will cast a spell on you as her repertoire ranges from classic blues to bossa nova beats.  The best way to keep up with Swank is to follow them on twitter and become a facebook fan.  At Swank, you’ll find that old fashioned retro style mixes very well with our modern lives.  Another example of this is the 8track we created in their honor which features the likes of Bobby Darin, Dean Martin and Stan Getz.

We know that we like the swingin’ sounds and fashion of the 50’s and 60’s but what’s your favorite thing about that time period?  We’d love to know so leave a comment here and you might win two tickets to see Madame Butterfly at the San Francisco Opera House.


9 Responses to “Wild, Cool and Swanky”

  1. Mark Says:

    those are some cheap drinks! can’t wait to visit.
    favorite thing about the 60s is how funky everything was. That time period was so free spirited and colorful

  2. Jennifer Says:

    The 40’s!

  3. Stacy Says:

    The 60’s are full of memories great music, and who could forget all the fun, colorful clothing!

  4. Nik McCrory Says:

    Rock -n- Roll! How could it be anything else? From Chuck Berry to Elvis in the 50’s to well…. the explosion that was the Rock -n- Roll world of the 60’s!

  5. Bradley Hansen Says:

    When is Mad Men Night? Great excuse to get all dressed up and have some cocktails.

  6. Emily Oestreicher Says:

    Actually, we are starting our Throwback Thursday’s starting August 12th. With Mad Men playing on our televisions, classic swingin’ tunes and classic cocktails with retro pricing!

  7. Karen Arnold Says:

    Gotta be the 50’s and early 60’s–Can you say “Rat Pack” baby? Love those cool cats…they were so irreverant in their humor, yet a culturally diverse group–Jewish, Italian, African-American–without even trying. It was a simpler time…We’d love to come to SF and hang out on your retro night…

  8. syndi burton Says:

    from the 60’s-almost all of my dearest, bestest friends. Love you guys!

  9. Emily Oestreicher Says:

    Conratulations to Karen Arnold as you are the winner of two tickets to a performance of Madame Butterfly in San Francisco this October. In the meantime; we’d love to see you at our Throwback Thursday retro night starting on the 12th as well! Please contact emilyo@jdvhospitality.com to redeem your prize and thanks so much for the comment.

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