Scratching the Surface


Meandering down the Ocean Front Walk of Venice Beach, visions of eccentric storefronts and mystical characters fill your mind.  Your body begins to warm up with the heat of the sun while the ocean breeze provides an alluring sense of calm.  Thoughts of Jim Morrison’s, “Spanish Caravan” infiltrate your thoughts but just then, you start to hear another sound.  This sound isn’t the music of your past or future; but rather your present state of mind. It’s the sound of turn-tables mixing all kinds of beats and it appears to be coming directly from the sky above.  You’re not high yet…but you’re about to be.

Of course we’re talking about our “Scratch Academy” DJ classes we hold at our High Rooftop Lounge in our Hotel Erwin on Venice Beach. (What did you think we were talking about?) High has partnered up with Scratch Academy, which is an organization started by the late Jam Master J with the goal of making the DJ art form accessible to everyone.  Together, they are offering DJ classes on our rooftop lounge for those interested in learning how to mix the ones and twos.

High and the Hotel Erwin have definitely fallen right into the Venice Beach music scene.  They even have a “Scratch and Play Package” that includes a private DJ lesson, a spin-art session where you get to create your own work of art from a spinning record, as well as a free bottle of champage post-lesson when you book a deluxe room.  This package is valid until December 31 and starts at $399.00.  To honor High and Hotel Erwin’s unique music tastes, click here to listen to an 8track we’ve created just for them.

What are some of your favorite beach inspired bands or musicians? Leave a comment for a chance to win a $50.00 gift certificate to High Rooftop Lounge.


4 Responses to “Scratching the Surface”

  1. Arika Baria Says:

    Well I would hate to be typical but the Beach Boys really helped me through many hard times… I mean California Girls..forget about it! Kokomo…I loved that s***I love John Stamos as well…Brian Wilson was uber good at knowing just what peeps at the beach wanted to hear. Nuff said.

  2. jennalee Says:

    Summer is not summer without Jimmy Buffet, friends & a margarita in hand!

  3. matthew mcivor Says:

    Driving up the coast, top down, listening to my surf Mixtape: sublime, buffet, jack Johnson, Chris isaak, etc… can’t beat the socal summer.

  4. Emily Oestreicher Says:

    Hi Jennalee– What’s not to love about a margarita in hand and great tunes to go with it! You are the lucky winner of our $50.00 gift certificate to our High Rooftop Lounge. Just e-mail me at with your address and I’ll send it to you directly. Thanks for the comment and long live summer.

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