San Francisco on Two Wheels


So, you’re road trippin’ through California and you’ve had an amazing time so far!  The feel of the open road and the wonder that is all that California’s landscape has to offer has made the trip well worth it. Even the 100 degree temperature through the valley didn’t bring you down. But, now that you’re in breezy San Francisco, let’s give that gas pedal and your wallet a break. A vehicle might be the best way to see California, but San Francisco is a city built for two (wheels that is).  Here’s a list of top rides and must-experience pit stops along the way:

  1. A bicycle adventure can easily begin and end at our Hotel Vitale, right along the Embarcadero.  Turning left will lead you to an amazing and flat ride along the water all the way past Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf and even the Golden Gate Bridge if you so desire.  Be sure to stop at Ghirardelli Square for a chocolate sample or double peanut butter hot fudge Sundae.  Then, it’s back to the Vitale and our Americano Restaurant & Bar where you can watch the sun set over the bay while sipping one of our famous cocktails.
  2. By turning right at the Hotel Vitale, you’ll ride towards AT&T Ballpark.  Head around the outside of the ball park, then cross the 2nd Street bridge, make a left, and you’ll hit the cutest little kids ball park ever with views inside big ballpark itself.  Enjoy the sun and the bay and then, of course head back to the Americano for more drinks.
  3. Starting from one of our Union Square Hotels like the Galleria Park or the Hotel Rex, it’s easy to head over to the Mission district for another look at a vibrant San Francisco scene.  Just head on Market St. until you hit Valencia and then turn left.  From there, it’s a fun ride by unique stores like 826 Valencia (which is a Pirate supply store, just so you know) and top of the line eateries like Tartine Bakery and Café.  Stop there for an espresso and buttermilk scone before riding by Dolores Park for a mid-day, blow your mind people watching session.
  4. From our Hotel Tomo or Hotel Kabuki in Japantown, a relaxing day in Golden Gate Park is a short ride away. From either hotel, start by hanging a left on Sutter and another left on Fillmore. Take Fillmore all the way down to Fulton where you’ll make a right turn.  Stay on Fulton until you hit Baker and then turn left.  On Baker, between Oak and Fell; you’ll turn right onto the beginning of Golden Gate Park called the Panhandle.  After a few blocks starting at Stanyan; the park will really begin.  This route will take you past the Conservatory of Flowers, the De Young Museum, and the Buffalo paddock (that’s right, I said buffalo) all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Making it to the Ocean is definitely cause for celebration and for that there’s no better place than the Beach Chalet.  Relax with some new local friends in their outdoor restaurant area before heading back to the big city.
  5. A final suggestion would be to check out the events page of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition website;  They have the most extensive list of bicycle events and gatherings happening on a regular basis.  From the bicycle music fest to Street Sundays; there is hardly a day that goes by where something isn’t on the schedule. Another option would be to take a bicycle tour; my recommendation would be the Street of San Francisco Bike Tours;  They offer very unique and off the beaten-path tours of San Francisco that will make for a one of a kind two-wheeled adventure. Another resource for building your own itinerary is our new Road Trippin’ Google Map, filled with great local spots in SF and throughout California.

4 Responses to “San Francisco on Two Wheels”

  1. Scott Johnson Says:

    Thanks for the tips! I don’t know what I enjoyed more, the cruise along san francisco’s beautiful waterfront or the cold beer on the patio of the Americano Bar

  2. Winona Holmes Says:

    Excellent SF itinerary- Here’s my suggestion for a central california adventure- Motorcycle ride through the redwoods 1.Startout at Big Basin State park off highway 9 2. head south to Santa Cruz on highway 9, via Scotts Valley detour 3. Stop at Auntie Mame’s for lunch (great cheese burger) 4. South on highway 17 then on highway 1 to west cliff (near the boardwalk and JDV property the Dream Inn) 5. Travel along West Cliff taking in the scenery 5. Get off your bike at the end of West Cliff to enjoy Natural Bridges State Park and the beautiful butterflies or tide pools…..ah refreshing

  3. Carlton Says:

    One of my favorite rides is through Golden Gate Park to Outerlands Restaurant on Judah at 41st. Great food, and a lovely ride.

  4. Kristina Hjelsand Says:

    Hello, hello…Carlton, we put names in a hat (well, actually in an extra inbox that was laying about) and drew your name, so you are the winner of the Keetsa pillow! Please e-mail me at khjelsand@jdvhospitality with your contact information and we will get your pillow to you.

    Thanks everyone for your great comments 🙂

    p.s. – LOVE Outerlands & their homemade bread.

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