One More Cup of Coffee


San Francisco is a city that has gone through a few booms and busts through its history.  From the infamous good times of the Gold Rush to the overabundant wealth of the dot-com boom; San Franciscans have learned to take these good times as they come and enjoy them while they last.  During these particularly difficult economic times, San Francisco has once again begun another sort of boom, but this one is all about liquid gold which is to say artisanal coffee and tea.

If you meander off the beaten path a bit you will find plenty of high-quality coffee and tea to keep you warm, happy, and wide awake.  Blue Bottle Coffee Co. is located on Mint St. and is well known in San Francisco for its microroasting.  To translate, this just means that they take multiple steps from selecting choice beans (they choose to use certified organic mostly) to utilizing the practice of small batch roasting in order to create an excellent cup of coffee.

Sightglass is a coffee shop located in the South of Market area which is also known as the SoMa neighborhood.  At the moment they are in the process of creating their very own roast-house in a warehouse space.  This does not stop them, however, from offering some wonderful espresso right in the opening driveway of their construction zone.  Going to Sightglass is a great way to see San Francisco’s creative use of space as well as its passion for a great cup of coffee.

There are also quite a few noteworthy tea houses in San Francisco.  Only a short streetcar ride away from downtown you will find a real hidden treasure.  Located in a neighborhood coined Zen Valley due to its quiet, quaint location near the Zen Center lies a beautiful tea house by the name of  Samovar.  From Lychee black tea to Blood Orange tea it is a very unique experience to sit in this tea house and simply watch the city go by.

For an authentic tea house experience that is the epitome of cozy and quirky, Lovejoy’s located in the Noe Valley district of San Francisco is an experience not to be missed.  What began as an antique store has developed into a full tea house.  The varied options include tea and crumpets with Double Devon clotted cream and jam to tea and sandwiches such as roast beef and horseradish or cream cheese and green apple.  

All of these coffee and tea establishments have been going through a boom for quite some time.  It is the hope of this writer that this trend will continue to grow so that along with gold and technology San Francisco will one day be known for its artisanal coffee/tea rush!


2 Responses to “One More Cup of Coffee”

  1. Jim Says:

    I can’t wait to try the Blood Orange tea at Samovar!

    • Kristina Hjelsand Says:

      Sounds incredible, doesn’t it. Lovejoy’s is wonderful, too. Their tea sandwiches are awesome.

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